Your People Are Your Business

There are numerous benefits in sourcing an external recruitment agency to handle your recruitment, especially if you run a small to medium sized business:

  1. We have access to a larger pool of candidates. For example some of our relationships are with passive job seekers who may be a better fit with your organisation, verse the job hunters who just happened to be actively seeking a job in that particular week…
  2. Myself, and our team not only possess the relevant experience, skills, and tertiary qualifications required, but also the necessary personality traits to close the deal
  3. Recruitment Firms have the advantage of acting as the outsider; we’re viewed by candidates as giving a third party opinion of your organisation.
  4. Professional recruitment agencies conduct a very rigorous screening process for candidates. For example, we test candidates for the required job skills, ask detailed and challenging interview questions, and conduct very thorough and tailored reference checks.
  5. Recruitment firms can create a formalised Job Description, and we provide consulting advice to our clients regarding salaries, market trends, and employment law
  6. By handling your own recruitment in-house, you’re potentially offering your competitors insight into your company’s direction and key to success. By using a reputable recruitment firm, you can maintain your confidentiality, and preserve your competitive edge.
  7. If you happen to hire an individual who doesn’t turn out to be the right fit for your organization, it can end up costing your business a large amount of money, and isn’t good for staff morale either. Statistics have shown that recruitment agencies are more likely to get this right first time round.  If in the unlikely event that your new employee regret the decision and subsequently leave, most recruitment firms will replace the candidate within the first three months at no further charge

When you add up the total hours spent and overall cost to your business for the handling of an in-house recruitment campaign, the usage of a recruitment agency is typically the more cost effective option.

And finally, my understanding is that businesses hire their employees with only one purpose in mind; to grow their business beyond its competitors. By sourcing a reputable recruitment firm to handle your recruitment, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the very best!

by Tamara Duffy