Clients Outsource

Our staff at Pioneer Recruitment believe that every company is unique in its own way and therefore so should their recruitment process.

We are not driven by the bottom line, our concern and priority is to ensure that we achieve the right outcome for you! As we pride ourselves on our reputation and aim to work in partnership with your business for the long term.

Outsourcing your recruitment to Pioneer Recruitment will save you both time and money, as we will short-list the best candidates available for your position  both quickly and efficiently.

We offer a range of competitive pricing options to suit every budget and every type of recruitment campaign on the Central Coast. Attractive discounts in fees and preferential terms also do apply for companies utilising our services on an exclusive arrangement.

If your position is confidential, rest assured that the utmost discretion is used. You’ll only be charged fees when the chosen candidate starts his/her job. In the unlikely event that you or your new employee regret the decision and subsequently leave, we’ll replace the candidate at no further charge.

There are typically nine stages to the recruitment process:

1. Identify our clients needs to establish whether there is a vacancy

2. Prepare a job description and person specification criteria

3. Advertise the vacancy on, our company website, and all relevant social media sites (No charge to the client)

4. Conduct a in-house database search and search various media sites

5. Manage the ad response

6. Short-list candidates

7. Conduct our in-house interviews

8. Submit the preferred candidates to the client; coordinate client interviews

9. Conduct reference checks; manage the job offer and negotiations as required

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